Ogrefaced Spider

Family Deinopidae

This is one of the most fascinating spiders I've ever encountered.  It builds a small net like web which it holds like a fisherman would hold a cast net.  When the spider locates a meal, such as a cricket, it will cast the net to capture it.  Now that's incredible, don't you think?  Another interesting characteristic is the large pair of eyes at the front of the head, hence the name "Ogrefaced".  These large eyes are perfectly designed for night vision.  That's a good thing since Ogrefaced Spiders do their hunting at night.

Let me tell you how we found this beauty.  My brother, Mike and I were hiking a trail in Torreya State Park looking for Trapdoor spiders late in the evening.  Mike spotted a Fishing spider just off the trail on the side of a tree.  As I moved in to take a photo, Mike pointed out what he thought was a spider skin cast from a previous molt.  As I got closer I realized it wasn't a skin cast at all.  I said, Oh my, it's an Ogrefaced!  I could hardly contain myself.  I 've been looking for one for months and pretty much gave up.  The Ogrefaced Spider pictured here, is that spider.



© Daniel D. Dye 2019