Sac Spiders

Family Clubionidae, Miturgidae and Corinnidae

North America is lucky enough to have over 200 species of sac spiders.  They can be active indoors year-round and are often seen at night walking on walls and ceilings.  The Yellow Sac spider (Cheiracanthoum miles) has a bad reputation of producing necrotic wounds, which is totally untrue…Remember, many believe spider bites are quite common, which simply is not true.  Spiders have no interest in us as a food source.  They feed on insects and other invertebrates, not on human blood.  The truth is spider bites are quite rare.  That’s the reality of it. 

Shown below:  White Sac Spider (Elaver excepta) and Broad-Faced Sac Spider (Trachelas tranquilus)


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