Trapdoor Spiders

Family Ctenizidae and Cyrtaucheniidae

These are truly fascinating spiders, which I've devoted many hours of research and field work trying to find them.  My brother, Mike, Billy Boothe and I spent several days in Torreya State Park looking for the Torreya Trapdoor Spider, Cyclocosmia torreya, without any luck.  My son, Michael, and I finally found one in Gadsden County, Florida on July 3, 2015.  The Torreya Trapdoor is a sculptured trapdoor spider with a flattened and ridged abdomen that looks like an Aztec sundial.  Check the photos out in the gallery.  The male Ummidia sp., pictured in the gallery, was found in St. Augustine.  The female Myrmekiaphila sp. were photographed in Torreya State Park and also Gadsden County.

Trapdoor Spiders Photo Gallery



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